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My Good Lord,

Could I be put on your list please?

In Service...

Crinan mac Eoin
Shire of Rosenfeld

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Good heralds,

     I am sorry for bothering you all again so soon, but I had some time and
added some details to the Index.  It now includes the submissions from the
ILoIs for June and July, with a couple from the May ILoI.  It also fixes a
few errors that were in the other one.  If you need one, please email me.  I
am afraid I did not keep a list of who requested it last time.  My
     I am hoping to update this index every month, so I will put everyone
who requests one on an update list.

In service,
Lord Griffin ap Rhys
Asterisk Herald
Kingdom of Ansteorra

"The griffin is the king of all the creatures.  Whilst the lion is the king
of the beasts and the eagle is the king of the birds, the griffin that bears
a combination of the best attributes of both these magnificent creatures,
like a good claret, is better than the sum of its constituent parts."
---Stephen Oliver, An Introduction to Heraldry

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