[Heralds] Heraldry to represent familial relationships

Timothy A. McDaniel tmcd at jump.net
Thu May 17 09:58:48 PDT 2001

Kathri at aol.com wrote:
>> _Simple Heraldry Cheerfully Illustrated_
> Daniel, would you give location info for this book?  Author, ISBN,
> publisher -- oh come on you know what goes in a documentation
> citation as well as I do.

*blink*  But it's such a famous book, surely I don't have to bother
and everyone has their own copy?  No?

According to http://www.bookfinder.com/ it is
    Moncreiffe, Iain & Pottinger, Don, _Simple Heraldry Cheerfully
* Thomas Nelson and Sons London 1953; 4to
* T. Nelson; London; 1957 reprint; 8vo
* Edinburgh: Nelson, 1963; 10th ed, 8vo
* Alibris ID 7051969195 says just Moncreiffe as author, Publisher:
  Mayflower Books, ISBN: 0831777990
It has three copies under US$10 and 4 more between US$10-US$20.
Most of those cheap copies are under ABE (Advanced Book Exchange,
http://www.abebooks.com/), but in each of those cases it's a British
bookseller or you order thru ABE via their Canadian address.

Powell's (http://www.powells.com/) knows about it but doesn't have it
in stock at the moment.  If you don't mind dealing with spammers,
Amazon has two copies, for US$15 (Canada; 1957) and US$85 (Kingston
NY; Edinburgh 1963).

Daniel de Lincolia
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