Griffin ap Rhys lord_housemythos at hotmail.com
Tue May 29 15:02:15 PDT 2001

Received the LoAR for Ansteorra's Dec. 2000 submissions.  Only the following
were returned.  I do not include the actual acceptances list because it is
too much to type; we should be getting the electronic version fairly soon.
As well, many of the names were changed in some way by Laurel, and that too
would take me too long to type.  Assume that the name/device/badge passed if
it is not in the list below.

Gwenafwy Sinclaire	Badge.
Ihone MacEogan	Device.
Joanna of the Plains	Device.
Siobhán inghean Eoghain uí Neill       Name.

Threebridges, College of.          Device.

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