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Tue May 29 19:11:59 PDT 2001

Daniel's analysis is upheld by Laurel in recent rulings.

JULY 2000 LOAR - returns
Iohann se pipere. Device. Sable, a musical note argent.
Current precedent disallows the registration of solitary abstract symbols.

SEPTEMBER 2000 LOAR - returns
Briget MacLeod. Device. Per pall inverted gules, argent, and sable, in base
a Norse sun cross Or.
The Norse sun cross is also the symbol for Earth, and by precedent symbols
cannot be registered as the sole charge. This ruling was applied to Norse
sun crosses in April 1994 (pg. 15, s.n. Barony of Bonwicke).

It applies to items under Symbols listed in the Ordinary
such as Kanji, letters, runes, musical notation,
astrological symbols, Roman numerals, Arabic
script, and Norse sun crosses.  This is becoming
a popular reason for return and I am adding it
to the returns article.

And yes, submitters do sometimes lie like an old
hound dog on a cheap rug.

Magnus von Lubeck

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