[ANSTHRLD] Attacking Goose Blazon

Timothy A. McDaniel tmcd at jump.net
Wed May 30 12:35:05 PDT 2001

"Rising" to me means taking off, not standing there getting annoyed
at you ("rousant").  For "rising", I'd expect feet against the body
and head extended to dexter chief.

I see I got the URL wrong on the previous note -- well, not WRONG, it
was the URL of the on-line Parker's and it's very useful, but I didn't
point to the specific illustration I was thinking of, at

The SCA no longer blazons details like "armed" and "langued",
considering them to be artistic details of no significance for
registration.  I suggest that you select a posture that's plausibly
close and tweak the small beak details / exact shape of neck / et
cetera when the client wants their own depiction on their banner or

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