[ANSTHRLD] Defunct group registrations

Stephen Macthomas macthomas at ev1.net
Thu May 31 21:40:34 PDT 2001

I believe that the armory for Torre de los Brazos has been retained, sans
laurels, as the badge for Casa del Torre de los Brazos.  Both the name and
the badge are registered to (or at least tended by) Baron Gwaelyn, IIRC.

Stephen, Tressure

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Ansteorra has several defunct groups that still
have registered names and armory.  We really should
release these as they are a conflict waiting to
happen to some poor soul.  Anyone know the locations
of some of these groups and if they are likely to
re-emerge?  Otherwise they should be published
and released.

Magnus von Lubeck


Bastion de la Frontière, Shire of March 1988 (via Ansteorra).
September 1988: Per pale argent and sable, in pale a two-towered castle and
a laurel wreath counterchanged, all within a bordure gules.

Bisons Run, Shire of May 1995, Bartlesville, OK.
(was Heron's Keep)

Cypress Hills, Shire of September 1993, Longview, TX.
Vert, a tree blasted and eradicated, on a chief argent three laurel wreaths

Desert Wyndes, Shire of June 1993, Pampa, TX

Gryphon's Rooste, Shire of June 1989, Muskogee, OK

Inis Feinics, Canton of August 1995, Cleveland, TX.
July 1996: Azure, a phoenix Or rising from flames proper in base a laurel
wreath argent a bordure embattled Or.
(was Isle of the Golden Phoenix)

Loch Raeburn, Shire of August 1991, Lufkin, TX.
September 1992: Azure chape Or, two sea-horses respectant argent tailed Or,
in chief a laurel wreath argent.

Londinium ad Rubrum Flumen, Shire of November 1981 (via Ansteorra).
Per fess azure and gules, a triple-arched bridge and in chief a laurel
wreath argent between two piles in point Or.

Morrow's Keep, Shire of June 1984 (via Ansteorra).

Thri Mylenas, Shire of November 1989 (via Ansteorra).

Torre de los Brazos, Shire of September 1989, Clute.
September 1990: Azure, on a tower between in fess two swords Or, a laurel
wreath vert, all within a bordure Or.

Turris Aquilae, Shire of December 1993, Borger, TX.
(was Hillsfar Haven)

Wyndhame, Shire of, August 1988 (via Ansteorra).
Per pale embattled gules and Or, in dexter chief a laurel wreath Or.

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