[ANSTHRLD] Damasca Gisele de Bier Return

Kathleen O'Brien kobrien at bmc.com
Thu Jan 3 11:04:05 PST 2002

>I would like to correspond with someone who knows Damasca.
>Pietari returned her name in August LoAR and flatly
>declared that Damasca came into use in the 19th century.

Actually, I returned it.  Pietari made the name decisions for July.  I made
them starting with August.

>He is also dead WRONG as the Prosopography of the Later
>Roman Empire illustrates its use in Classical and early
>Dark Ages times.  Whether this is enough to get the
>name registered I don't know.  But it is enough to
>get his return appealed.

Well, none of the documentation presented with the submission supported use
of either <Damasco> or <Damasca> in period.  The decision was made
according to the information presented with the submission and that found
by the CoA.

>I didn't have this rather heavy tome on Roman names
>when the name was at kingdom.

Damasca was not presented as a Roman name.  It was presented as Italian out
of De Felice.  As stated in the return, "The given name Damasca was
documented as a feminine form of Damasco from De Felice, Dizionario dei
nomi Italiani (p. 121, s.n. Damasco).  However, De Felice says that the
masculine given name Damasco was derived from Damascus, the name of the
Syrian capital, and probably came into use in the late 19th century.
Therefore, barring further documentation neither Damasco nor Damasca is

Note that De Felice gives no support for the name in period; in fact, he
indicates it's probably 19th C.  When De Felice says it's post-period, it
usually is.  Hence, the ruling as there was no other support for the name
Damasca in period.

If there is new documentation supporting use of the name Damasca in period,
then an appeal or resubmission would be the appropriate course of action.
I'd need to re-read the admin handbook to figure out which this would be.
I think it's a resub w/ new docs, but I'm not sure.  It's kinda crazy at
work here today.

FYI: Arbalest has already been in contact with the submitter & me about
this submission.  But no mention was made at the time of new docs for the
name Damasca.

>who finds mistakes by the heralds very annoying
>for submittors.

who's having a really bad day today...

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