[ANSTHRLD] Damasca Gisele de Bier Return

Bordelon, Wendel Wendel_Bordelon at bmc.com
Thu Jan 3 12:17:26 PST 2002

Greetings to Armillary Herald and all assembled here,

> who finds mistakes by the heralds very annoying
> for submittors.

I think you know that everyone involved in the
processing of submissions both in the Ansteorran College
of Heralds and the SCA College of Arms would agree with
the above statement if the phrase "the heralds" was changed
to "us".  "The heralds" all spend our own time attempting
to help our friends in the Society to get the best, most
authentic names possible.  Many hours of selfless work
is done researching and digging to find the name that the
submitter has requested.  I know that you have done so on
many occasions and at many events.

If you feel that a mistake has been made, then help to
corrected it.  The appeal process is there to help deal
with the mistakes that will happen by the very human group
that is the College.

But, when an appeal is made it must include new and/or
additional documentation that provides evidence that
the original ruling was a mistake.  This additional
knowledge helps not just the original submitter but
all of us heralds.


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