Griffin ap Rhys lord_housemythos at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 5 04:19:51 PST 2002

Well, what can I say?  Sorry about my sudden departure, folks.  I will miss
you all terribly.  You have all, in some way, contributed to any success I
may have had.  In fact, any honors or awards I got because of my heraldry
work, truly belong to all of you.

I am afraid if I start naming names, I will forget a vital person, so I wont
even try.  But I will say thanks to Cahira, for taking the job so quickly.
Cahira, I am sorry it was dumped on you this way.  You will have plenty of
help from all the fine heralds of Ansteorra, so be of good cheer.  ;)

Well, now I am close to KWHS 2002.  Anyone who needs a pick-up from the
airport, let me know.  Hehe.  Also, there is a great catfish restaurant in
St. Cloud that we _have_ to go to.

Love you all,

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