[ANSTHRLD] Fwd: ISO the (possibly former) owners of several email addresses

doug bell magnus77840 at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 7 08:42:10 PST 2002

Stephen, Emma, and Etienne
You need to read this.


>From: Jim Trigg <blaise at heraldsnet.org>
>Reply-To: Discussions of SCA Heraldry <SCAHRLDS at LISTSERV.AOL.COM>
>Subject: ISO the (possibly former) owners of several email addresses
>Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2002 08:03:28 -0800
>Would anyone who has or used to have one of the following email
>addresses please contact me?  I need to determine what to do with your
>subscriptions to the LOAR mailing lists.
>matrixviking at earthlink.net
>niamh at oberon.ark.com
>scplc at communique.net
>rayya at mail.htfde1.ct.home.com
>stephenmacthomas at aol.com
>tasha_medved at yahoo.com
>jtpate at mindspring.com
>shariya at stlnet.com
>pendar at highfiber.com
>liban at mail.yellowhead16.net
>kem at usa.net
>Obelisk at utulsa.edu
>lady_agnes at juno.com
>philomathes at hotmail.com
>rafaella at teleport.com
>If anyone knows one of these individuals and knows them not to be
>subscribed to SCA-Heralds, please forward the request.
>Jim Trigg                      /"\
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