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Mon Jan 7 08:58:03 PST 2002

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   Cyniric hlafard Cyniwarding Wulfricinga does send greetings to the College this nice but chilly day in Glaslyn!

   My friends, I will have a bit more of free time over the next year and possibly more to come.  I have decided to put off school indefinitely and will be going to the role of house husband (what I have wanted to do since high school) after my marriage this summer.  With this I may be able to be of some assistance to others.  I have my own computer now so I have reliable e-mail so I can provide something.  Preferably I would be better suited to thing in the Steppes/Elfsea area.  I could not at this time, perhaps next Fall, take up an actual position, but could aid those already strung out-- not that it happens to heralds at all. :)
    Outside of that if any Old English name questions come up, I have the time to find answers.  I will also hopefully get around to finally writing my paper on early Germanic patronyms, especially Old English, as a counter paper to the Society's reliance on Tengvik.  Arrogant, but that work still bothers me. :)

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