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Tue Jan 8 07:58:42 PST 2002

This came up on the Meridies Heralds List

amshowproducer wrote:

>Greetings once again,
>  I am firming up the schedule for the first Gleann Abhann Heraldic Collegium,
>to be held in conjunction with Candlelight Camp, March 1-3, 2002.  If you are
>interested in teaching a class, sponsoring a contest, or creating some other
>heraldic tomfoolery -- please contact me at <saphyre at gleannabhann.org>.

The event announcement can be found at


It is being held at Camp Couchdale, Malvern Arkansas

The list of classes are:

Here are the classes for the Heraldic College
Friday evening:

8pm til...  Herald's Social (north end of Herald's Point)
            Set-up for Heraldic Classes


6:30am      Shadowing heralds meet for wake-up calls

7am (or when the autocrat deems)   Wake-up calls

9am         Field Heraldry   Lord Bronach ua Mochonna
            List Mistressy   THL Adrienne de Montjoye
(the above classes will be held in conjunction with the Fledgling Tourney)
            Consultation Table opens (north end of Herald's Point)

10am        Site Heraldry   Aron er Dansker or Lady Katryne MacIntosh the
                  Strange (south end of Herald's Point)
            Names for Newbies   Lady Maridonna (north end)

11am        Court Heraldry (tentative) (south end or amphitheater)
            Common Period Name Construction   Lady Maridonna (north end)


1pm         The Heraldic & Scribal Process for Courts   Lady Finnuola
                 (south end)
            Computer Conflict Checking   Sandor Doza (north end)
            Basic American Sign Language for Court Heralds   Lady Melandra of
                the Wood (amphitheater or front porch of lower hall)

2pm         Whitework for Illuminators   Lady Finnuola (south end)
            Troubleshooting for Local Heralds   Lady Katryne MacIntosh the
                Strange (north end or front porch)

3pm         Heraldic Display   THL Rayne O'Ciarragain (south end)
            The Way of Gleann Abhann Heralds (an introduction to the new
               Gleann Abhann Heraldic Handbook)   (tentative)  Meradudd Cethin
               (north end or front porch)

4pm         Consultation table closes
            Shadow heralds meet for court prep

(court and feast as scheduled)

9pm (or after court and feast)

            Herald's Coffeehouse (both sides -- all invited)
            Tigger Heraldry   Lord Seamus (north end)

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