[ANSTHRLD] Gulf War submissions

Kathleen O'Brien kobrien at bmc.com
Thu Jan 10 14:37:31 PST 2002

In past years when I've done consultation at Gulf Wars, when we worked with
submitters from kingdoms not accepting submissions "at the table" (like
Atlantia), we would help the submitter with the name/device.  On name
submissions I worked on, if we had the correct kingdom form, I'd help the
submitter fill it out, too.  Then they could take the whole bundle home,
make the correct number of copies, and submit it through their local group.

I assume this is the category Ansteorra will fall into this year?

If so, we should make sure that forms get there somehow.  (I think they
used to live in the Armillary box, but everything's a bit hazy right now
due to a toothache.)


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