[ANSTHRLD] Marshalled/ Not Marshalled arms

Darin Herndon darin_herndon at bswintl.com
Thu Jan 10 15:59:42 PST 2002

I read Magnus' original post and Daniel's follow-up.  I am re-reading
Daniel's post to see if what I am writing below is already covered and I
just missed it (entirely possible).  Concerning:

>>> magnus77840 at hotmail.com 01/10/02 03:52PM >>>
A claim has been made that this device is marshalling.

"Per pale purpure and argent ermined vert, three bars
counterchanged in canton a winged ferret sejant erect

Is the herald questioning this as a marshalled item interpreting this
as a per pale marshalling of:
1) Purpure, three bars and in canton a winged ferret sejant erect
2) Argent ermined vert, three bars purpure.

I see a lot of marshalled arms in books of heraldry.  Some appear to
have the entire arms being marshalled in the quarter or half of the
combined arms.  A lot of them split per pale appear to only include the
portion of the original arms that would have appeared on that half of
the arms (I see a lot of marshalled arms which have half an eagle on one
side and half of something else on the other half).  What I am
suggesting is that, right or wrong, the questioning herald may be
visually seeing a per pale marshalling of two devices both of which
involved three bars of, coincidentally, the other half-arms field

Now having said that, I am going to spend some time tonight re-reading
Daniel's post to see if the rules prohibit the types of devices I
mentioned in the above hypothetical example.

And, of course, comments are welcome, appreciated, and encouraged.
Thus, we all learn.


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