[ANSTHRLD] Marshalled/ Not Marshalled arms

doug bell magnus77840 at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 10 21:32:50 PST 2002

In real world heraldry, marshalling is the practice of
combining your own arms with that of your wife and, often
ancestors of higher social status than you possess.
This can be done with per pale (vertical division in two)
division of a field or with quarterly division.

We don't do this in the SCA because of presumption to
claim something that you haven't earned.

Example of marshalled arms.
Quarterly gules and Or, in bend two lions argent and
in bend sinister two aardvarks purpure.
Per pale gules and Or, a lion argent and an aardvark purpure.

I bet the Order of the Purple Aardvark would choke
some of the heralds.

Magnus von Lubeck

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