[ANSTHRLD] Ansteorra Heraldic Web Update

Chandranath chandra at plumes.org
Fri Jan 18 18:27:03 PST 2002


Sorry I've been so inert for a while; life has been weird.  (It still is,
more than ever perhaps, but I'm tired of looking at unfinished todo items.)

And so:

18 January 2002
Added ILoI for November; removed erroneous January and June links.
Added LoI for November.
Added ICC for May, July, August, September, and November.

I believe there is an LoI for October which I don't have.  Either way,
anything that's missing I'd be glad to get to fill in the gaps.  Yes, I'm
still posting PDFs.  I've seen what Word produces for HTML, and I'll have
no part of it.  (Trivia: Word 2000 saves HTML that is actually almost twice
as large as the PDF of the same document.)

Estencele Pursuivant

Shri (Lord) Chandranath <chandra at plumes.org>, Insegnante of Mooneschadowe
"Per pale sable and gules, a decrescent argent."
mka Russ Smith (http://www.randomgang.com/)

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