[ANSTHRLD] more, more, more

Chandranath chandra at plumes.org
Mon Jan 21 12:07:57 PST 2002

Ahem.  Anyway, I just made a minor change to the "who sents what to whom when"
page (by Kathri's request, albeit one made half a year ago) to eliminate
"black and white" as a description of line drawings.  While I was at it,
naturally, I infected the production of the page with XML.  Let me know if
any badness creeped in, or of any other updates it (or any other page) could


Shri (Lord) Chandranath <chandra at plumes.org>, Insegnante of Mooneschadowe
"Per pale sable and gules, a decrescent argent."
mka Russ Smith (http://www.randomgang.com/)

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