[ANSTHRLD] Out of Kingdom Name Documentation Request - Laura Elena

Teceangl tierna at agora.rdrop.com
Fri Jan 25 14:50:38 PST 2002

> I can provide some context for this request.  The lady in question has
> been looking for documentation of the name 'Elena' in a Spanish context
> for some time; so far the Academy of S. Gabriel has been unable to help
> her.  She is now trying to find out how that name element was documented
> in previous registrations such as "Maria Elena de los Santos", which was
> registered through Ansteorra.  The reason she contacted you is that she
> figured that you would have access to Ansteorra's files and could look
> up Maria Elena and see how her name was documented.

She's an An Tirian asking all the right questions about heraldry on the
An Tir Heralds' mailing list.  She's a new herald.  I told her that her
best bet was to contact a kingdom submissions herald, or the PH, if she
was looking to get information about a specific registration out of that
Borek, if you can direct her to Bordure for a file check, that would be
what she's wanting.
Alden, you listening?  :)

- Teceangl Lions Blood
What do you mean I can't get a modem at Ace?  It's a hardware store, right?

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