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Sun Jan 27 15:25:52 PST 2002

First of all, be careful of looking at random web sites
for help.  The names you find there may be modern and
not used in period or a period name may have a modern
spelling.  The sites you listed are for history and
other purposes and were not intended for a study of
period names.  A site that listed transcripts of parish
registers before 1600 on the other hand, would be very

Alia is a given name from France in the 800s.  In this
time they would be Charlesmagne's Franks rather than
MacDhaibhidh is Anglicized Gaelic and as an inherited
surname for a lady would be found in the 1500s.

By themselves they are historical names but when you
put them in the same name = problems.
You are mixing French and an English form of a Gaelic
name so that gives you one wierdness.
Also there are 700 years separating the names used like
this so I believe that is a second wierdness and it
will be returned.

Persona stories as documentation are another good way
newcomers find to get their names returned by the heralds.

Magnus von Lubeck

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