[ANSTHRLD] D'Etcheverry name questions

Andrea Hicks maridonna at worldnet.att.net
Wed Jan 30 18:49:23 PST 2002


Hopefully someone can find a dated source, but I found <Etcheverry> in
Dauzat, Albert.  Dictionnaire Etymologique des Noms de Famille et des
Prenoms de France. Librairie Larousse, 1987, ISBN 2-03-340309-2, page
240, s.n. Etche, n. basque signifiant 'maison'...; <Etcheberry>, <

Alas!  I don't understand French.

This source is on the Laurel's no photocopy needed list.

Hope this helps.
Andrea / Maridonna

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