Rumil Fletcher zodiacus at ansteorra.org
Thu Jan 31 15:33:06 PST 2002

Greetings, Heralds of Ansteorra.

The Order of Precedence (the OP) has been updated and can be found at:


Ordinarily I wait until late on the 1st.  But I am going to be busy
tomorrow and won't have time.  So it is available a day early.


I think I was a little rushed last month and neglected to mention
this, so I will take care of it now.  Page 2 of the OP houses a new
addition, the March of Years.  How many times have you needed to
convert from the Julian Calendar to SCA calendar and back.  Now it is
quick and easy.


The Order of March has been reformatted to make it more useful.
Until now, the awards were listed in order of precedence.  That is
still there.  But after that is a new "order or march" that has all
awards in alphabetical order by their abbreviation.  And to make it
even more useful, each award is placed in one of four groups:  SCA
wide awards, Ansteorran awards and orders, Ansteorran awards and
orders that have been closed, and foreign awards held by Ansteorrans.
In the February issue, this appears on pages 75 and 76.

In addition, the Sable Garland of Ansteorra has been added to the
listings of Selected Nonarmigerous Awards in the OP.

In case you missed the announcement, new versions of the court report
are available at the OP web site that include the new archery grant
"Arcus Majoris."  Please make sure you have the newest form.

That's all for now.

Rumil Fletcher
Zodiacus Herald

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