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Thu Jan 31 17:22:05 PST 2002

Hmmm.  Upon rereading, that last message of mine had an abrupt tone,
which makes it sound like I was trying to be snippy.  I'm sorry about

As a person interested in "correct usage" [1] and as Laurel office
copyeditor, I do reserve the right to look coolly over my pince-nez at
"fleur-de-lyses", "archeryocrat", "remove", et cetera ... and the
precedence-related terms that sometimes get misapplied in the SCA.

Daniel de Lincolia, not yet reduced to slapping his petticoat with
his fan, hissing smartly, and sweeping haughtily from the room

[1] Sufficiently interested to look up whether "pince-nez" is
hyphenated or no.  A definition and link to a picture can be seen at
"Correct usage" of language is a matter of debate: for example, a
hard-line descriptionist would say that that term is completely
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