[ANSTHRLD] March Ansteorran Gazette

D. Vandever hlannes at ev1.net
Thu Mar 7 16:31:30 PST 2002

Dear Lady Emma,

> The online Heraldic Submissions Tracker at
> has also been updated to include the latest Laurel letters as well as the
> March ILoI.

I went to this link (been there before) and I see nothing about the Laurel
Letters nor the March ILoI...unless you mean the information IN the letters
has been added...which you may mean and I am missing the boat here.  Where
might I see the letters as I have a lady asking me about her name and I
remember seeing something concerning her name in the letter from Laurel as I
helped Lady Cahira update her files for Asterisk, but I don't remember
exactly what Laurel said as to why her name was altered from the original
and I would like to tell her so.  Thanks.

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