[ANSTHRLD] badge help

Rendell Skaggs rendells at erath.net
Thu Mar 7 20:52:16 PST 2002

Timothy Rayburn wrote:
> Being utterly biased, I assumed that the blue embattlement was the wall of the Elfsea castle (even though that is white). ;)

Just as well, that was partly my intention...

 I believe it would clear the conflict sited if you moved it to :
> Per fess embattled Or and azure, issuant from the line of division a mountain > gules.
> Which makes the mountain red, but is a major change from the currently in use > and unregistered badge of the Tor.

the change from our current badge is not important as this is to take it's

Thanks for the suggestions!

-Lord Seanán mac Tighearnáin
-seanan @ elfsea.net
-Dragonsfire Tor, Elfsea, ANSTEORRA!

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