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A while back, I started a project to list every Ansteorran heraldic
title and who'd held it, researched via the AG.  I only got 3/91 (the
earliest AG I had; the first AG started with Tadhg's first month) thru
8/96.  More data could be found by asking Da'ud, Robin, or Adelicia,
or going thru LoAR cover letters (for some periods, when roster
changes were listed there).  Titles given are the titles they had when
they stepped up.

Star Principal Herald (reg. 6/80)
Late 80s: Mistress Adelicia
          HL Da'ud
6/90, at KWHS: Master Da'ud steps up to his first tenure as Laurel
    HL Tadhg Liath of Duncairn / Tiom{o'}id M. of Angle becomes Star
10/91 AG: successor announced: HL Dathi O'Cooney
1/92 AG: HL Dathi {O'} Cooney / David C. Reed, was Forerynel
         Long-time herald, pretty experienced, pretty well-respected.
         Tadhg was in 1.5 years; trains ran on time, stepped down on
3/93 AG: intends to step down in November.
6/93 AG: "1 July: HL Richard Silverdawn / Rick Gordon [was Asterisk]
    assumed duties of Star Principal Herald by appointment of the
    Crown. ... July 9: Laurel confirmed appointment of HL Richard as
    Acting Star Principal Herald."  [But if both agree, why
    "acting"?--DdL] Notes that he usually ran consultation tables in the
    past.  On the back cover of the AG: "It's mid-July ... do you know who
    your Principal Herald is?"
    I think Dathi got a new job, new house, new wife in his tenure --
    just too busy.
    Dathi was in 1.5 years nominal; trains sputtered (Laurel ruled on
    only 3 LoIs between 1/93 and 9/93 inclusive);
    stepped down earlier than even announced time.
10/94 AG: Sir [Arenvald] Kief av Kiersted / Lee Cockerham.
    (Announced in 7/94 Laurel cover letter; AG didn't come out for months.)
    Richard was in 1 year; trains sputtered (ILoI 4/94
    was entirely lost, e.g., though more LoIs got out); I think he was
12/95 AG: Kief announces it will be Lord Donal O'Dochartaigh / Lee Cavett,
          was Asterisk.
1/96 AG: Note to Star: no officer below the BoD appoints their
         successor in this chicken outfit.
         Baron Tostig Logiosophia / Bob Wade, was Armillary.
         (Rest of story omitted.)
         Long-time experienced herald.
         Submissions are first pushed off onto Asterisk;
         something of salving the injury for Donal.
(This rest is from memory and Borek's dates.)
Nanoseconds later: Wade told by boss in insect-control business that
                   he had to work 70-hour weeks.
96: Star doesn't do much.  Trains sputtering, but with submissions on
    Donal's shoulders, there's some more recovery.
1/97: This time for real:
      Lord Donal O'Dochartaigh / Lee Cavett, was Asterisk.
      Tostig was in 1 year; stepped down early.
1/99: HL Francois la Flamme / Wendel Bordelon, was Solstice.
4/15/00: Lord Borek Vitalievich Volkov
         (Hmmm.  Didn't realize Francois had a short tenure, or why.)
4/6/02: HL Rosalia O Brogan

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