Ryder, Brent BRYDER at compucom.com
Fri Mar 8 10:29:09 PST 2002

> A while back, I started a project to list every Ansteorran heraldic
> title and who'd held it, researched via the AG.  I only got 3/91 (the
> earliest AG I had; the first AG started with Tadhg's first month) thru
> 8/96.  More data could be found by asking Da'ud, Robin, or Adelicia,
> or going thru LoAR cover letters (for some periods, when roster
> changes were listed there).  Titles given are the titles they had when
> they stepped up.

Thanks for the info :)


>          (Hmmm.  Didn't realize Francois had a short tenure, or why.)

Francios stepped down early to stagger dates at which main officers
changed in the CoH. Used to be that Star, Asterisk and Bordure all
changed on the same date in January. Not a good picture.


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