[ANSTHRLD] Befor there were Stars...

tgnst@postoffice.swbell.net tgnst at postoffice.swbell.net
Fri Mar 8 14:25:15 PST 2002

I'm reading an ancient copy of the 'Sable' Star, the oldest Ansteorran
newsletter in my collection, Febuary AS XII... Sean MacFlamm is Prince,
Lady Tessa of the Gardens is Seneschal, Sir Simon of Amber is the KM, M
of Arts is Irene the Innovator, M of Sciences is Master Lloyd von Eaker,
Vivian of Sherwood is the Chronicler, and... Lord Telbyrne Morningstar
is Acting Principality Herald!
You'd have to peruse this thing to believe it, no computer anything...
no numbers on the pages, hand distributed, quite like a local newsletter
with how to's, research, event reports... I forgot what they were
like... This is fun, go to dig up one thing and find so very much more!
Read now, dig up old heralds as I go...:-)...'Stacia

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