[ANSTHRLD] per fess embattled triangle issuant

Teceangl tierna at agora.rdrop.com
Fri Mar 8 15:47:27 PST 2002

> >Is a triangle substantially different from a mountain??
> A triangle is a geometric figure used as a primary charge
> in this example.

Nope, it's the same basic shape as a mountain and many period mountains
were simply triangles.

> By precedent I believe a mountain was declared a peripheral ordinary.  If
> you can find that precedent
> then use it to thwack the heralds with it.  Right now

August 2001 LoAR.  No help here, though, as it would actually create
conflict to call a mountain a peripheral.  Peripheral charges get no
difference for placement on the field, as they're forced into their
positions by their very definitions.

I still say it's in conflict with Zenobia of Rebelswood - Gules, a mountain
couped Or.

Since a mountain defaults to issuant from base, there's a CD for the
field changes but nothing for placement.

Also in conflict with William de Montegilt.  In fact, he sparked a

  [Returning {Fieldless} A tri-mount couped Or.] Conflict with ...
  Sable, a two-peaked mountain couped Or, capped argent. There is one CD
  for fieldlessness but nothing for the artistic variation of the
  mountain. [12a/93, p.15]

<grumph>  Can't figure an elegant way out of this.

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