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Chandranath chandra at plumes.org
Sun Mar 10 11:54:48 PST 2002

> According to the Bible "We saw his star at its rising and have come to do
> hime homage." (Matthew 2:2)
>  Is this period enough? I realize that when looking at the Bible you are
> reading translation of translations, but I would think this would count at
> period anyway.

Well, since you bring it up...

... eidomen gar autou ton astera en tE anatolE ...

According to Thayer's (and Liddell and Scott agrees), anatolE can reasonably
be translated (modernly, both being modern works) as either
"the rising" or "the East" (King James, a very nearly period translation,
chooses to translate it "the East" here; I don't know which translation
Bridgid is quoting).  Tyndale, in 1534, also translates this "the East."

It seems to me that nothing is really supported here about period use of
"a star rising," as the word clearly means a direction, not an action,
but anyway, the above are the facts that I have on hand.

> I am not mormally a Bible Thumper

Always a phrase that charms.

Estencele, etc

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