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wyrmclaw at ev1.net writes:
Commentary is listed among the duties of Bordure.  I'm not sure if Orle was
created to take over that duty or not,

Nope, that's not it.  So long as I remember, we've had both offices (although
Orle has gone empty at various times) and different expectations.

The commentary that is expected of Bordure is Letters of Correction (when
something on a Letter of Intent needs -- well, -- correction) and Letters of
Rebuttal (when someone else's commentary needs -- well, -- rebuttal. Silly
made-up example:  someone in another kingdom suggests that we should register
one of Tivar's children's names as "Mondragon" instead of "Moondragon"
because we have documentation of "Mondragon" in period.  Needs rebuttal.)
These have to do with Ansteorran submissions, but they are technically
commentary and Bordure is the best -- sometimes the only -- person in a
position to do them.  *If* Bordure has time to comment on other kingdoms'
submissions, that's fine, but it isn't expected.  (And look what happened to
the last person to do it -- Mari!)

The position of Orle was created to *encourage* external commentary on other
kingdoms' submissions.  All too often that has only meant doing it oneself,
but the original intent was to teach / explain / console / coordinate people
who were ready to try external commentary.


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