+ACI-Ryder, Brent+ACI- BRYDER at compucom.com
Mon Mar 18 05:40:08 PST 2002

> I am in email contact with Anebairn, who may be able to double-check
> earlier ones, if you'd like me to ask. Or email me for his address.

That would be great, thanks :)

> Doing a list of old Asterisks too, and other kingdom support
> positions as they came up?

I've been noticing that we are a historical research and re-enactment
group and do not even keep up with our own history. In going through the
Star files, I have found the same heraldic titles used for various
duties. I am in hopes of gathering all this info and making a history of
the herald's office in Ansteorra. Any help would be appreciated

Borek, Star

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