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Tue Mar 19 14:40:53 PST 2002

> is the free resubmission period dated from the original date of
> submission or from the date of the return?

A kingdom can set it within certain limits, but The Admin Handbook of
the CoA reads

    D. Payment of Fees - No submission shall be considered for
       registration until all fees associated with the submission have
       been paid. Such fees are set by kingdom law and policy as
       required to cover the costs of processing submissions. However,
       no fee may be charged for appeals, change of holding name,
       submission of alternate forms for standard titles or
       designations, proposed protection for mundane items,
       corrections of spelling or blazon or resubmissions made within
       a year of the most recent notification of return. ...

The Ansteorran CoH Admin Handbook, cribbed heavily from the CoA Admin
Handbook, is at
Unfortunately, it doesn't say.

So I'd interpret the Ansteorran policy (2 years 3 months, last
I heard) as dating from the notification going out.

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