[ANSTHRLD] Tracing Submissions?????

Kathleen O'Brien kobrien at bmc.com
Wed Mar 20 12:47:54 PST 2002

>Tracing Submissions?????
>I am trying to trace a set of submissions (name, household name, badge) that
>was submitted over six months ago at an event in Northern Ansteorra.  How do
>I go about tracing submissions that have not appeared in the online letters
>at the Ansteorran herald webpage?  Is there specific procedure for tracing
>the submission before it's initial kingdom listing and commentary?

If the submissions are not listed on the tracking page:


then they haven't made it as far as an Internal Letter of Intent.  Some
items get fasttrack returned for administrative reasons.  In the past,
these have been listed in the Ansteorran Gazette and so made it onto the
tracking page.

If the submissions didn't make it onto the tracking chart, they may be in
the pile that Asterisk has planned for the next couple of ILoIs.  Some
stuff got delayed due to the sudden transition of the Asterisk office.  If
Asterisk does not have the submissions, then the next step is to track down
how the submissions were turned in.  You said the submissions were turned
in at an event.  Were they turned in via a local herald or through a
kingdom consultation table run by then-Armillary Magnus?  That's two
different routes the paperwork could take.

Hope this helps some,


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