[ANSTHRLD] conflict checking

Teceangl tierna at agora.rdrop.com
Fri Mar 22 04:19:03 PST 2002

>                                     And if not,
> *certainly* into one of the file drawers that we don't use because
>           they stick and it's such a hassle to open them.

Those are the drawers I keep the old LoAR binders in.  Also, with the
extra weight at the bottom, it's safer to open the top drawers all the
way, but you should still open a bottom one just to be safe.  I had
D-M tip over on me once and it amazed my predecessor as submissions
herald that I was able to hold the damned thing up and not get squashed.

> (Tell the rest of the Wreath Staff, Tec: if the pesky are too big for An Tir,
> just send 'em to Ansteorra!)

Maybe too big for An Tir, but Zenobia's got a Ginsu tongue, so they're not
too big for her.

- Teceangl
                   Annoy not the Sovereigns of arms,
           for you can probably be made to fit into a binder.

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