[ANSTHRLD] Name/device client help

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If you want, email it to me, and I can put in in my website...

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how do I post a picture for the list to examine ?

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>>The name the client wants is AmaraRaven of Izmir. no documentation given,
>>don't even know where to begin to look.
>Nowhere is probably a good place to start.  The names
>don't show up in any normal name search I did, either
>as period or modern.  Izmir is the modern name of
>the city of Smyrna in Turkey.  It is an ancient Greek
>city on the Aegean and mentioned in the book of Revelation.
>From a web search I suspect it is an invented fantasy name.  Ask the client
>where the name came from.
>If no source is forthcoming then
>"No documentation was provided and none could be
>found that the given name was used in period.
>Returned for lack of documentation."
>>The device is decribed like this - "It is: per saltire argent and sable.
>>Across top argent section is a sable banner containing three sable skull
>>cross-bones, in the center of this same argent section is a sable wolf's
>>head,the sable section to the right contains an argent tiger's head, the
>>bottom argent section contains a sable eagle's head and the left sable
>>section contains an argent dragon's head."
>Without a standard blazon we have to have a picture
>to construct one.  If it's unblazonable in period
>terms, than it ain't registerable.
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