[ANSTHRLD] Blazon/Device help

Will Manning dertruwe at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 2 09:28:07 PDT 2002

per saltire argent and sable.  Across top argent section is a sable banner
containing three sable skull and cross-bones, in the center of this same
argent section is a sable wolf's head, the sable section to the right
contains an argent tiger's head, the bottom argent section contains a sable
eagle's head and the left sable section contains an argent dragon's head.

I think this is too complicated, slot machine, and unblazonable, I am right?
Crossbones aren't period either are they?

In Service,
Herr Winther der Trüwe
Equinox Herald

"Zu sein anstatt zu scheinen"
To be rather than to seem

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