[ANSTHRLD] Question about 3 Kings Heraldry

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Got some answers about arms for Henry the Lion.


My initial idea: be anachronistic.  Quarter Bavaria
    Lozengy bendwise azure and argent.
and Saxony
    Barry sable and Or, a crancelin vert.
    (A crancelin is a bend engrailed on the upper edge the points
    trefly; it is usually enarched.)
both probably from after his time.


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'Gules two lions passant guardant or' according to 'Royal Heraldry' by
the Pinches. He is popularly supposed to have adopted them from his
father-in-law Henry II of England. The arms are better known as those
of Brunswick and reappear in the English royal arms with the
Hanoverian succession.


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I was just about to skip over this, and then I decided to look and...
what do you know?  He had a seal (depicted on p. 12 of Wagner,
_Heralds and Ancesters_), "<Field>, a lion rampant."  Of course, the
tinctures are a mystery.  There are several civic coats of arms that
theoretically have something to do with him (at least the folks who
recorded the arms assert so): on them the lions are either gules (one
each argent and Or) or azure.

Dunno if there are sources that give a blazon for him.

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