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OK, so you want me to be awake on a Monday morning????
Gee, never mind :-D

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The treaty is online at:

and this is an excerpt for your edification:

I. Statement of Purpose

A.      Allied Realm I shall be composed of the Kingdom of Atenveldt and the
Kingdom of Artemisia and their allies.
B.       Allied Realm II shall be composed of the Kingdom of Caid and the
Kingdom of the Outlands and their allies.

Mór ingen Cathail
Barony of Caerthe, Outlands

I know that! The 'Allies' bit is what I was asking about -
Ansteorra is not a Principal Kingdom.

This is the Ansteorra Heralds list, Mor, not the Outlands
Heralds list - I would be more than silly if I asked about
Ansteorra on the Outlands list, now wouldn't I?

(at least I know what list I am posting to!)

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