[ANSTHRLD] Couple of questions

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Fri Dec 5 08:17:39 PST 2003


I am at work and don't have the exact reference in front of me right 
now.  However, to use a web site as documentation you must include printed 
copies of the article with your submission.  The printed copies must 
include the URL (web address) and the date in either the header or 
footer.  The article should be noted on your forms in the same manner that 
you would reference documentation from a book, bibliographic form.

Some web sites are better docmentation that others.  A good site will 
include a works cited or bibliography of cited sources so that researchers 
can verify the quality of the article.  A good article for name 
documentation should also include dates for the spellings referenced.


At 10:06 AM 12/5/2003, you wrote:
>Is there a site that tells how to document things from the internet for 
>name submissions? Are these allowed?
>Is this an acceptable venue to ask questions when there isn't a local 
>herald? (Don't want to offend anyone)
>Thanks for your time,
>Bridget the Stargazer (I hope officially some day soon...and yes, I know 
>it takes a while to get stuff registered ;))
>mka Beth Marietta
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