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Fri Dec 5 13:28:58 PST 2003

Almost all my real mail has at least a text part and an HTML part, and
almost all the spam mail I get is pure HTML, so I filter out HTML.
So Bridget, would you please post in plain text, or at worst
text+HTML, rather than "pure" HTML?

"Bridget the Stargazer" <bridgetthestargazer at hotmail.com> wrote:
> <P>My name is one thing I need to register. I know that Edward IV
> had a daughter named Bridget.

Dieu et mon droit!  (That's French for "My God!  It's right!")
Born 10 November 1480, died 1517.  OK, rare in England.

> The word "stargazer" dates to the 1500s if I remember right from
> Webster.com.</P>

1560, but using period words from a dictionary doesn't make a byname
authentic, plausible, or even registerable ("of the Purple Ideas Sleep
Furiously").  Literal descriptive bynames were, I believe, out of
use in England well before 1560.  Others will have to comment on the
plausibility of the byname itself.

> <P>What I want for my device is (gonna try to word this right) Per
> Bend Sinister argent and purpure a mullet of four greater and four
> lesser points counterchanged. What that means is there's a diagonal
> line dividing the field from the right as you look at the shield,
> the top is white/silver the bottom is purple the star has 8 points
> the top, bottom and two sides being larger than the diagonal ones
> and the stars colors are opposite of the field (purple on top and
> silver on bottom).</P>

BLESS you for giving a plain English description!  It's

    Per bend sinister argent and purpure, a compass star counterchanged.

> <P>I was looking at the Ordinary and Armorial online and have found
> only one that looks close to my untrained eyes.

"Untrained eyes" may be a problem.  A mullet of eight greater and
lesser points is going to conflict with a sun, a mullet of 10 points,
a mullet of four points (long rays in the same places), and other
mullet-like objects with >= six points.  So
    Eleanor Leonard|8207Q|b|(Tinctureless) A mullet of four points
    distilling a goutte.
would be a conflict, except that she gave permission to conflict if
the mullet and/or field is not a solid plain tincture.

> It is "Per bend sinister,sable and argent a mullet of 7 points
> counterchanged". Do these two conflict?

When citing existing armory, please give the name, in case we want to
look it up or the circumstances around its registration.  It's
    Rashid al-Rashidum ibn Yaakov b'Hup b'l Salaam|8201M|d|Per bend
    sinister, sable and argent a mullet of seven points
(Note that we spell out digits.)

One CD for the field, one CD for the tincture of the charge, so
they're clear.  No CD for 7 points versus 8.

Daniel de Lincolia
Tim McDaniel, tmcd at panix.com; tmcd at us.ibm.com is my work address

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