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Fri Dec 5 21:46:00 PST 2003

On Fri, 5 Dec 2003, Bridget the Stargazer
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> Sorry about the html, I turned off the "rich text editor" in
> hotmail. Hope that's the cure.

Pure plain text, the way God and ANSI intended.  Thanks.

> While it's running across my brain (and before it gets away), are
> children allowed to register names and devices?

It *is* allowed, but ...

> And if they are (and choose to), what happens, if when they get
> older, they decide they don't like the name or device they
> registered in their youth?

... they would have to submit a name and/or device change, and those
are new submissions with new submission fees.  Someone should also
tell the precedence herald of the name change, in case he doesn't
follow the LoAR, so that any new awards get matched up with any old
awards under the correct name.  They would have also had slightly
cluttered heraldic space for a few years with a no-longer-desired name
and armory.

I would tend to discourage submissions of names and armory by children
if (1) you don't know whether they're likely to stay in the SCA or (2)
if they are not as well-fixed on a name or device as an adult.
(Anyone mentioning Brandulf the Stout in that connection gets a swift
kick to the goolies, or being drafted to be a filing clerk for Him.)
Sometimes you know they're a keeper, though, like Tivar's daughter,
and she's not likely to change, so you just salute as their
submissions sail by.

Speaking of disposition of previous items: if someone drifts away from
the SCA (or leaves in a huff or whatever), it is a kindness for them
to make a Parthian shot of a release of their names and armory, to
free up the heraldic space for someone later.  A release is a free

Note also heraldic wills.

Daniel de Lincolia
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