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Mon Dec 8 17:02:40 PST 2003

We have a very nice copy, hardback, thank you, from Kathri.  There are some
other books though that we are missing.

At some point after the new year, I will post my wish list.  I want to take
just one more look at all of the books at either Coronation or Red Tape (a
more likely candidate considering how much we all have to do at
Corornations) and then post the list of what is missing from the no photo
copy list.

But thanks!


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> Howdy  Y'all,
> I heard that this great Kingdom's College of Heralds does not have a
> copy of Blacks.  Is this statement true?  If it is true, please allow me
>   to buy a new copy for the College of Heralds.
> I will check my email later today for an answer or one of you can call
> me.  just give me a bit of time to answer the phone.  I just got out of
> the hospital yesterday and am not moving around well at all.
> I doubt the book will arive by Christmas.  I want to write Kingdom of
> Ansteorra on it for identification purposes, then I'll send it to you.
> -- 
> Andrea / Maridonna
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