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"Haines, Paul" <PHA at allseas.com> wrote:
> Can someone please tell me if either of these are "no photocopy"
> sources?  I'm not sure what the web-based sources are for no
> photocopy.

The question is answered in Admin Handbook Appendix H, "Name Books
That Do Not Require Photocopies to Laurel":

    This is a list of "standard books" that do not require photocopies
    to be sent to Laurel. The Laurel office and several kingdom
    heraldic offices have copies of all of these books, and urges the
    Kingdom Colleges to acquire copies of any they do not have. Note:
    The LoI must contain the header name and page number and edition
    of the book in which the reference name is found. In addition, all
    articles found on www.sca.org/heraldry do not require photocopies.

and in the one reference to it in the body of the Admin Handbook:

        2. Documentation - Documenting evidence must be included for
           all name elements and any non-standard armorial elements or
           practices. Such documentation must include references to
           specific pages and/or entries in the source
           material. Except for documentation from items in Appendix H
           (the No-Photocopy List), such documentation must include
           copies of cited source material.

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