[ANSTHRLD] RFC #1: Armillary Herald

Keyna keyna at hot.rr.com
Sun Dec 21 15:22:23 PST 2003

> 1. Should Armillary Herald be a position which just focuses on the four
> Crown events and just quit trying to do the rest of the original
> vision?  Asked another way, is the status quo sufficient?

No they should be willing to do tables or have a represenitive if anyone
wants to hold one. But people need to talk to the Armillary Herald not do
them on their own.

> 2. If Armillary should do more to "push" consulting to regional and local
> groups, what should Armillary do to accomplish that?

Get hold of groups that are holding events and see if they would like to
have a table.
> 3. Should the regional heralds be encouraged or required to hold a
> consulting table in their region if no Crown event will occur in their
> region during a calendar year?  If so, should the table organized be run
> Armillary or the regional with help from Armillary?

Not required, but it would be nice to have the regional do it with
armillary's help
> 4. Is there an aspect of consulting that the college is currently blind to
> by focusing on this position?

> All comments are welcome.  Please remember to keep the subject line
> unchanged ("re:" type changes automatically generated are fine).
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