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Etienne de St. Amaranth wrote:
> Any heraldic history buffs on the list who remember what the Ring Thegns 
> were, were intended for, who might have been members, etc.?

My first guess is, you know, that it's an order for fans of Thomas 
Covenant.  Or Beowulf, I suppose.

Aaaanyway.  Seriously now.  Here's an email extracted from Stefan's 

  Subject: RE: ANST - Awards and such
  Date: Tue, 19 May 98 05:43:15 MST
  From: Chris and Elisabeth Zakes <moondrgn at bga.com>
  To: ansteorra at Ansteorra.ORG

  >I know nothing about Ring Thegn. It is an order name
  >registered to Ansteorra. If it was a household thing,
  >I dunno why it's there.

  Ring Thegns are/were a Principality of Ansteorra award from the days of
  Sean and Katarina. (They originally wanted to jist use "Thegn" but the
  heralds wouldn't let them.)

  IIRC, it was for service to the Prince and/or Princess, and therefore
  styled as "Ring Thegn to House ______" to specify which Prince/Princess
  was served.

  -Tivar Moondragon
  Ansteorran fossil

And another:

  Subject: Ring Thegns
  Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2000 07:28:42 -0700
  From: Lee <enaz at ih2000.net>
  To: Fitzmorgan at cs.com

  Good misty morning to you, Robert,
  from Tessa and Simonn,

  Ahhhhhhh, history! :)
  Thegns were a Principality of Ansteorra form of notice, established to
  name individuals who had been of particular assistance to the Prince or
  Princess and/or to Ansteora (spelled with one "r" then) in Their
  Highnesses' principality reign.
  Prince Sean McFflamn and Princess Katarina von Allysin (probably errors
  in my spelling here; it's been a very long time...) presented badges in
  the form of rings, about two inches in diameter, which could be worn
  suspended from a belt or lanyard or ribbon, as one chose.
  I believe His Highness initially referred to companions as "Ring Thegns"
  to Ansteora. (r)
  Assistance which Their Highnesses deemed worthy of notice came in forms
  such as communications, advice, establishing methods and traditions,
  serving their persons, providing Their garments, Their items needed for
  colorful courts; also council, confidentiality, encouragement for Their
  Highness's stations in the fledgling Principality. Similar to the
  responsibilities held today by Royal Enterouge and GOofS.
  The particular individuals you have listed hailed from across Ansteora
  at the time: Bjornsborg, Bryn Gwlad, Bordermarch, Stargate and Steppes.
  Somewhere, we probably have stored away some official writings about
  Ring Thegns, if those things have not gone the way of dust and ashes.
  (We had a house fire in 1985.) If we run across them, we'll get back in
  touch with you.
  Tessa &

Zodiacus Herald
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