[ANSTHRLD] CD's between Owls and Eagles????

Brent.Ryder@compucom.com Brent.Ryder at compucom.com
Tue Dec 30 07:03:23 PST 2003

Howdy all,

I'm looking to get this point nailed down a bit as there seems to be a
discrepancy between what I have just been reading in the recent

Is there a CD for type between an Owl and an Eagle?

I found the following precedents which seem to be in conflict:

>From Dame Elspeth's tenure:
By current precedent, there is not a CD between an owl displayed and an
eagle displayed. [Anders Botman, 03/01, R-East]

>From Master Francios' tenure:
... there is another CD for changing the type of bird from an owl close
to a falcon close. [Falco de Jablonec, 06/02, A-Drachenwald]


An owl affronty has been ruled to be equivalent to an owl close (and
thus therefore, also to an owl close and contourny): "The 'blobbiness'
of the owl's body, and the fact that the owl is guardant in all cases,
leads me to conclude that there is no visual difference for turning the
owl's body affronty" (LoAR of October 1992). Therefore there is no
meaningful posture difference for turning the charges in chief (which
are contourny) to this owl affronty, as the owl affronty is equivalent
to an owl contourny. [Ambra Biancospina, 04/02, R-Middle]

Which just adds to the confusion here. Since the owl's body is said to
be 'Blobby', by this last precendent at least, then the only visual
difference when compared to the falcon in the previous precedent would
be the difference in the shape of the heads.

This leads me to think that there would be a CD between an Eagle and an
Owl for much the same reasoning. Have I missed something here?

This was brought about by a conflict check of a proposed device, "Per
pale argent and azure, an Owl displayed counterchanged".


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