[ANSTHRLD] CD's between Owls and Eagles????

Teceangl tierna at agora.rdrop.com
Wed Dec 31 00:35:26 PST 2003

> Is there a CD for type between an Owl and an Eagle?

The depends on posture.

> >From Dame Elspeth's tenure:
> By current precedent, there is not a CD between an owl displayed and an
> eagle displayed. [Anders Botman, 03/01, R-East]
> >From Master Francios' tenure:
> ... there is another CD for changing the type of bird from an owl close
> to a falcon close. [Falco de Jablonec, 06/02, A-Drachenwald]
> and
> An owl affronty has been ruled to be equivalent to an owl close (and
> thus therefore, also to an owl close and contourny): "The 'blobbiness'
> of the owl's body, and the fact that the owl is guardant in all cases,
> leads me to conclude that there is no visual difference for turning the
> owl's body affronty" (LoAR of October 1992). Therefore there is no
> meaningful posture difference for turning the charges in chief (which
> are contourny) to this owl affronty, as the owl affronty is equivalent
> to an owl contourny. [Ambra Biancospina, 04/02, R-Middle]

What you want to read is the BIG precedent on birds.  Find it either in
Elsbeth's compiled precedents under BIRD - Precedence on Difference, or
see the January 2000 cover letter.

Some (absolutely NOT all - do read the original) points to remember:

A bird other than an eagle emblazoned displayed will be considered a
weirdness.  Reason: In period only eagles were emblazoned displayed.

Displayed raptors are all equivalent as there's just not enough details
in the head and tail to make a CD.

Birds in their period postures, hence birds that were period charges, 
are most likely to get difference.

Rendition is important   A blob with a beak and wings isn't going to be
as likely to be noticibly different from other birds as, say, a hawk
close belled and jessed, or a raven close.

Have I mentioned you should go read the whole precedent?  Do.  :)

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