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I am currently researching my name, Madelina de Lindesaya, and have come across a source with which I am not familiar, the Wolley Manuscripts.  The following information is available online at:


Here's the info:

6669 f.24
[Note: Part of copies and extracts relating to Wensley, catalogued ff.12-30]
[87] gift, Thomas son of Robert JUVENIS [YOUNG] of Lindesaya to Robert de MATLOC son of Thomas de LINDESAYA, ½ toft at ?the hill, at the head of the township of Wednisl' n.d. (uc/chlsl)

This doesn't give a date, but the previous entry is:

6669 f.23-23d
[Note: Part of copies and extracts relating to Wensley, catalogued ff.12-30]
[83] release, Richard NICHOLAS of Matlok son and heir of William NICHOLAS recently of the same to Henry FOLJAMBE lord of Walton esq. of right in tenement, toft and croft in Matlok in which Richard's mother Alicia lives ('manet'), 5½a. in Hyrstfeld and feresychfeld, le Wete medo in feresychfeld.
[30 Oct] 13 H.VII [1497] (uc/chlsl

Which would seem to be 1497 to me.  The following entry lists 1561.

Is this a reliable source?  Do I still need to get a copy of the page from the manuscript?  I really would prefer something going farther back, say 1220 - 1250.  Where do I start looking when I go to the library?  I realize not everying is available online.

I thank you in advance for your assistance and suggestions.

Ly Madelina de Lindesaya

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