[ANSTHRLD] MacLeod - Docs needed

Brent.Ryder@compucom.com Brent.Ryder at compucom.com
Thu Jul 3 06:10:11 PDT 2003

Howdy all,

On the name submission 'Lachlan Mac Cloed', it was decided by the CoH to
send it to Laurel with the corrected spelling of 'MacLeod' for the

The current docs I have from the submitter does not support this nor do
the applicable commentary give the specific entries necessary for proper
documentation. The best the commentary says is that the spelling 'Mac
Cleod' is from post period.

If someone can transcribe the needed docs for 'MacLeod' so I can add
them to the LoI and the forms, I would appreciate it.

Bordure Herald

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