[ANSTHRLD] MacLeod - Docs needed

Brent.Ryder@compucom.com Brent.Ryder at compucom.com
Thu Jul 3 08:53:09 PDT 2003

> (1) If Asterisk makes a decision to change a name to another form,
>     Asterisk has to document the new spelling, at least enough so that
>     someone with standard sources can expand it for the LoI
>     ("Withycombe, under Fiona" *grin*).  And if it's non-standard
>     sources, Asterisk has to provide all the info for the LoI.

All things being equal and perfect (TM), the commentary would have had
the necessary docs to support the commentor's assertions. Also, Asterisk
does not have a full library either, but I think she may have Black (not
sure really).
> (2) Bordure needs a library.  Though now I remember that there was
>     talk of getting the Armillary boxes to Borek, on the grounds that
>     he goeth to a lot of events.  That should have Black's or Woulfe
>     or something, shouldn't it?

I'll take it when the office opens. I just hope I can find a place in my
room to put it that would be useful to me.


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